Before enrolling for the Admission Consulting Program with us, we will need certain inputs from you so that we can help you in a more informed and customized manner.

As the first step in the professional help provided by Admission Consulting Program, candidates are subjected to a reality check termed as Initial Profile Assessment to critique on their candidature for US Colleges’ programs on the basis of four inputs from the student-

1. Universities, Colleges, Programs and specializations of interest

2. Updated resume

3. SAT scores

4. Psychometric Test Report (All About You)
On the basis of these inputs an “Initial Profile Assessment” is prepared by our Admissions Team to comment on a student’s candidature for college programs in the US. The preparation of “Initial Profile Assessment” is a complimentary exercise and all you need to do is to mail us your resume with the above stated four inputs at and we will send you the required details.

If you are interested in our programs, please mail us your academic and extracurricular details by attaching an updated resume at

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