Before enrolling for the IIM-CAT preparatory courses with us, we will need four inputs from you so that we can help you in a more informed and customized manner:

  1. Your detailed resume
  2. List of any B.Schools and programs that you are interested in.
  3. Your performance on the IIM-CAT. Even if you have taken the IIM-CAT before, we will subject you to a Simulated / Mock IIM-CAT and give you a detailed report on your present status – IIM-CAT Test Performance Analysis. This helps in giving a realistic idea about the level of hard-work needed and time lines to be maintained during preparation.
  4. We will subject you to a psychometric test – All About You. It has 5 subjective questions on which the Business School essay questions are also based. Based on your responses to the exercise, we will give you a detailed report on your candidature to Business Schools – Initial Profile Assessment. This Initial Profile Assessment is prepared by domain experts and comments upon how the Interview Panel will perceive your current profile and what changes in your profile can increase your chances of being selected by a good Business School.

After receiving your four inputs, senior members of our Admissions Team will discuss how we can help you and what programs offered by us can help you.

If you are interested in our programs, please mail us your academic and professional details by attaching an updated resume at

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