Instead of getting into the subjective debate on ranking all top Indian B.Schools, we have put them into 4 clusters 1, 2, and 3. Cluster 1 being better than cluster 2 and so on.  

Cluster           B. School                    City                             Website

1)  IIM-A                     Ahmedabad     

IIM-B                           Bangalore         

IIM-C                           Kolkotta            

IIM-L                           Lucknow          

IIM-I                            Indore               

IIM-K                          Kozhikode        

MDI                            Gurgaon           

SPJAIN                       Mumbai            

NITIE                          Mumbai            

FMS                             Delhi                 

NMAT Cluster

NMIMS                       Mumbai            

2 )  MICA                    Ahmedabad     

IMT                             Ghaziabad        

IIFM                            Bhopal            

IMI(PGDBM)              Delhi                 

IMI(PGP-HR)             Delhi                 

NIRMA                       Ahmedabad     

FORE (PGDBM)         Delhi                 

FORE (PGDBM-IBM) Delhi                 

TAPMI                        Manipal            

LBS                              Delhi                 

UBS                             Chandigarh      

K.J.SOMAIYA           Mumbai            

MDI – PGP HR           Gurgaon           

MDI – PGP IM            Gurgaon           

3)  IMT                       Nagpur             

KIRLOSKARS            Harihar             

BIMTECH                   Noida                

IMDR                          Pune                  

ITM                             multiple locations

WELINKARS             Mumbai/Bangalore

NIBM                          Pune                  

IISWBM                      Kolkotta            

IMT – Dubai                Dubai                

FLAME                       Pune                  


XLRI                            Jamshedpur      

XIM                             Bhubaneswar   

GIM                             Goa                   

BIM                             Trichi                

LIBA                           Chennai            

XIME                           Bangalore         

Indian Institute of Finance, Delhi       

Alliance Business Academy, Bangalore

Indian Business Academy,    Bangalore

SNAP Cluster

SCMHRD                   Pune      

SIBM                           Pune      

SIIB                             Pune      

SIOM                          Pune      

SIMC                           Pune      

SITM                           Pune      

SIMS                           Pune      

SCIT                            Pune      

SIG                              Pune      

SICSR                          Pune     

IBSAT Cluster          (IBS)    

IBS campuses at Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Pune, Dehradun, and Jaipur

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