• Applying to only the top 10 schools just because they’re famous.

Don’t limit yourself to schools based only on rankings. Instead, choose schools carefully based on how well they suit your needs schools will know if you don’t match their school and will probably not accept you, even if you are a strong candidate. The best strategy is to apply to some “dream” schools that you really hope to get into even though you know the competition is fierce. Then choose some “reasonable” schools where your qualifications are similar to previously admitted applicants. Finally, choose some “safe” schools where your qualifications exceed those of previously admitted applicants. Applying to a combination of schools increases your chances for being accepted this year.

  • Missing opportunities.

MBA fairs and tours, visits by school representatives, and on-campus information sessions are helpful for understanding the application process. First, you can gather information that will help you decide which school to apply to. Then, once you have chosen schools, the information you gathered can be incorporated into your essays to show the admissions committee that you are committed enough to their school to learn about them in depth.

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