MBA programs can serve global or regional needs. High achievers would naturally gravitate towards a Global MBA program, as multinational national companies would prefer managers having a global perspective. These managers would be put on the fast track to quickly reach higher decision making positions. That’s what you covet ? Don’t you ?

Certain features distinguish a Global MBA Program. If students have to develop a global perspective, this is done best by peer learning and peer learning requires the predominance of the Case Approach to learning, especially with cases having a cross continental imprint. At the 2 year Harvard Business School-MBA program, of the 500 cases discussed, 33% cases are international in footprint. At the same time, the student body has to be rich in diversity. So when a Global Business School makes its admission decisions, the focus is not on choosing the best students, but on choosing the best batch. The student body has to be rich in diversity in terms of domains represented, work experience range, nationalities and cultures, etc. This helps in benefiting from the experience and learnings of others and developing a cross-cultural sensitivity which is a hallmark of a global program.

The top rung Business Schools always offer Global MBA programs. Some Business Schools may offer a Global MBA program and a local MBA program because of market or cultural demands.

Global Business Schools also have excellent tie ups with recruiting corporates and the admission decisions for the incoming batch is tuned with planned personnel needs of recruiting corporates. The tie-ups are extended for the in-company projects as well. Say BP has a tie-up with LBS (London Business School) for internships as well as final recruitments.

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