We have changed our Admission Consulting program according to the changing needs of our students. We have kept it flexible enough to customize it according to your specific needs. Please check the details below and feel free to call us if you need any clarifications.

Global B.School Admission Consulting Program

To hand-hold you through the maze of the complex admission process for Global B.School programs

B.School admission officials base their admission decisions on your profile which is reflected through your GMAT scores, Academic background , Essays, LORs, Resume, Interviews, Personality, Diversity & quality of work experience, Extra-curricular activities, Interests and aspirations and how you will fit into their B.School and contribute to its diversity and learning experience.
They even go that extra length to find whether their B.School program really fits into your career map and will give a steep rise to your career-graph. Well! Something like a Lock-and-Key perfect fit between you and the B.School.

So let’s look at the plethora of work:

You will have to scan through thousands of B.Schools and zero in on six to eight B.Schools which fit your profile, interests and take in students with your GMAT score. For each of these six to eight B.Schools, you will have to write 4 to 8 essays i.e. 48 to 64 essays and tailor them according to each B.School’s focus. Prepare a customized resume and 2 to 3 Letters -of-Recommendation for each of the B.Schools. And in the process not lose touch with the profile or picture that you are selling to each admission committee and keep every component in sync with each other.

Program Components

We will do everything for you, except writing the first draft of essays and the physical mailing of your admission docket

  • Profiling of Candidate
  • Short listing of B.School programs
  • Orientation for Filing in Pre-Apps
  • Resume building
  • Editing of B.School Essays / Statements of Purpose
  • Orientation for Letters of Recommendation
  • Support for filing of applications and Cover Letters
  • Preparation for B.School Interviews
  • Preparation for Visa interviews
  • Guidance for Scholarships

Profiling of Candidate

As the first step in the professional help provided by ACP, Candidates are subjected to a reality check termed as Initial Profile Assessment to critique on their candidature for global B.School programs on the basis of four inputs from the student-

1. Business Schools, MBA Programs and specializations of interest

2. Updated resume

3. GMAT scores

4. Psychometric Test Report (All About You)

On the basis of these inputs an “Initial Profile Assessment” is prepared by our Admissions Team to comment on a student’s candidature for global B.School programs. The preparation of “Initial Profile Assessment” is a complimentary exercise and all you need to do is to mail us your resume with the above stated four inputs.

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