Accepted: Emory, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, University of Southern California (USC), Darden (University of Virginia)
Attending: Darden (University of Virginia)

“Thanks to your support, I finally received an admission to the Darden School! I visited the Darden School to meet an admission official, had an interview with her, and made a presentation to summarize how the Darden MBA fits me and how I can contribute to the class. My impression is that the visit had positive impact. I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your sincere support. I had initially thought that preparing the essays ethically, without any fudging of facts is going to work against my chances of admission, but you were bang on target. I have more confidence in my abilities and achievements. I just need to learn how to sell them in the right manner. I think I will need your help again for my Internship Interviews.

Accepted: Cornell, Harvard, Stanford (Sloan), Wharton, Yale
Attending: Harvard Business School

“The interviewer at HBS confirmed that I had been admitted by the school! Thank you very much for your support. Actually, it was hard to get the admission without you … I cannot thank you enough for your support that you extended far beyond my expectation. I hope that the next year’s [applicants from my company] can meet you after seeing my note.”

Accepted: Stanford, UCLA, Yale
Attending: Stanford Graduate School of Business

“I already got admitted by Stanford (My dream B.School), Yale, and UCLA. To be honest wholeheartedly, I feel great gratitude for your professional superb cooperation with me, based on not only your introducing the Ivy League mock interviewer before my Stanford interview, but also mainly your candid essay counseling. I’m very very happy with my acceptance at Stanford, of course the most selective b-school in the world.”

Accepted: Duke, Georgetown, University of Maryland, University of Washington
Attending: Duke University

“I am here at Durham and I found out yesterday that they are going to accept me!! I am SO excited! I really wanted to go to Duke and now that I started living here, that feeling was getting stronger and stronger. Everyone is very nice here and the town, although small, is beautiful. Thanks SO much for all the help you had given me. Ivy League has given me excellent advice.”

Accepted: London Business School, Stern (New York University)
Attending: Still deciding, at time of printing

“I am very happy to tell you that yesterday I received an invitation to the MBA program from London Business School, one of my top choices. I would like to thank you sincerely for all your help with my essays and recommendations. I believe your advice led me to this success. I will soon visit Ivy League to see you.”

Accepted: HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales), Manchester, Trinity
Attending: Still deciding, at time of printing

“I am very glad to tell you my success. I was accepted by HEC and Manchester!! Thanks for your great help!! Some interviewers highly evaluated my essays at the interview!! I was also accepted by Trinity College in Ireland, which has also good reputation in European country … Anyway, thanks for your help again.”

Accepted: University of Cranfield, Manchester, Warwick
Attending: University of Manchester

“I have got offers from all the schools I applied … This is a time I need to make a decision about which school I will attend! Thank you very much for all your help. This amazing result happened because of your help!”

Accepted: Case Western Reserve, Georgetown, Ohio State University, University of Notre Dame (at time of printing)
Attending: Still deciding, at time of printing

“1 came back to Tokyo last week … [and] fortunately, I received three congratulation letters from schools which I visited last week (from Ohio State, Case Western Reserve, and Notre Dame). Thank you very much for your advice on my interview preparation. And along with my score improvement, I think my essays were written so well that I have already received another four interview requests. I am very pleased to have an opportunity to work with you for past five months.”

Accepted: Columbia, London Business School, Kellogg (Northwestern U.)
Attending: Still deciding, at time of printing

“Just to inform you that I have been accepted to LBS [London Business School] and also waiting reply from Columbia (interview finished) and Kellogg. I would have not made it without your help and really thank you for your kind support.”

Accepted: Columbia, Harvard
Attending: Harvard Business School

“Finally, I am admitted to Columbia and HBS! I thank you and all the Ivy League staff for a great assist in the application process. Especially, please send my greatest regards to my first counselor because this admission owes a lot to his support in writing my very first essay.”

Accepted: Babson, Duke, Emory
Attending: Duke University

“I cannot believe it. I am accepted by Fuqua Business School … I am very glad that I proved you are an excellent counselor. In the last session, I said that you were a ‘good’ teacher. Forgive me. I meant ‘excellent’.”

Accepted: MIT, Management of Technology Program
Attending: MIT, Management of Technology Program

“Thank you for your supports to write my essay to MIT Management Of Technology Program in last December. The director sent me the official admission of MOT 2013-2014 yesterday! I am very honored to have such delightful information and also convinced that my admission is thanks to your valuable (and strict) coaching. This is my starting point to the future goal.”

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