Dear Aspirant,

In order to succeed in the MBA application process you will need to convince the admissions committee to choose you for their entering class. But to convince them, you first need to know your own story and what makes you special enough to be chosen.

Step One -

Thinking critically about your own story is Step One on the way to winning the admissions game. According to admissions officers, there are two critical questions you’ll need to answer in detail and with passion in order to convince the committee to take a chance on you:

  1. Why do you need an MBA / MS (Management)?
  2. Why should you be accepted to our MBA / MS (Management) program?

These are more difficult questions than they may appear. To answer them persuasively, you will have to do a lot of thinking about your past, present, and future (details follow).

Step Two -

Once you have developed all your personal reasons for getting an MBA at your chosen schools, you need to turn to Step Two, getting to know your competition. The best way to win is to stand out from the crowd, which means you need to know what this crowd is like.

Step Three - Finally, you will need to put together an application that will convince the admissions committee to choose you for their next MBA class. You need to persuade them, through your application materials that you will be successful during your time at their school and you will be even more successful after you graduate. Successful alumni increase the school’s prestige, which means the B.School can attract more high-quality faculty and students – resulting in better placements, an unending upward spiral.

This information will get you started on the path to building an impressive application. For further help with this challenging process, we recommend that you enroll in Ivy League’s Admission Consulting Program. Your counselor can guide you through the maze of the complex admissions process from organizing your essays all the way to tutoring your recommenders, if they need to develop a clear admission recommendation perspective to recommend you.

Meanwhile, you should work through the information in our website to build a strong foundation that will support you throughout the entire MBA application process.

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