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Smart Sid The Advantages
  1. Smart Sid understands that GMAT is a test of aptitude and he has never taken the GMAT so he tries to understand what the GMAT looks for and prepares according to the requirements of the GMAT.
  2. Smart Sid looks at real questions that have appeared on the GMAT, works backwards and learns why a particular answer is a credited answer.
  3. Smart Sid strikes the right balance between hard work and smart work to improve his score on the GMAT.
  4. Smart Sid does some research to find out one reliable source of guidance and checks whether the guidance is helping him by attempting real questions that have appeared on the GMAT. He attempts 10 to 15 Mock GMATs to fine tune his strategies and eliminate his problem areas.
  5. Smart Sid aces the GMAT and comfortably gets a score close to an 800.
  1. If you are great at playing football and you have to play basketball, you cannot even kick the ball. You have to learn the rules of the new game before you can excel at it.
  2. By playing the real game you understand the game better – Learn what will result in a penalty or fetch you brownie points.
  3. Hard work is required everywhere but if you are training to become a global corporate leader, do you need to work like a manual laborer? No, you need to be smart enough to understand what works for you.
  4. Learning the right concepts and then attempting real GMAT questions and getting more of the questions correct will work wonders towards motivating you to work harder, and smarter. It will also remove any doubts about your own potential. You will raise the bar and jump higher.
  5. When you have prepared effectively, you can handle anything.

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