Corporate Education

Corporate education, in contrast to corporate training, adds another dimension and depth to corporate training by involving learners as participants in generating new knowledge that assists an organization to develop and evolve, rather than maintain the status quo. Corporate education focuses on developing the capability of an organization to be able to do things and, in particular, the right things in order to be a sustainable and successful organization.

Corporate education involves a facilitator, rather than an instructor or trainer, to engage participants and encourage them to think about the what, how and why of what they are doing and to challenge their current paradigms. Corporate education is centered on introducing learning techniques to stimulate employees to think about what their organization does, where it is heading, potential new opportunities for the organization and new and better ways of doing things. While the role of corporate training is to develop the operational competency of individuals, the purpose of corporate education is to promote the development of capability of both individuals and their organization to develop synergy.

Merger-n-Acquisition Synchronization Programs

After an acquisition or a merger, the strategy and its implementation by the new merged entity has different dynamics and challenges. The biggest challenge is synchronization of strategy, systems, operations, finance and culture of the new merged entity. At this stage we step in to study the working of the two unmerged organizations and help in giving a unified direction to the new merged organization across various verticals and domains.

Academic Product Development

Schools and Test Prep organizations scale up their operations across different geographies without being ready at product and operation level. The Academic Product Development Programs work at improving academic product effectiveness and preparing scalable prototypes.

Academic Product Development

We have designed a comprehensive ” Academic Effectiveness Module for Schools “, which works at increasing flexibility of teachers to learn the “Socratic Method of Teaching” by initially conducting Personality and Emotional Intelligence sessions in a group for all teachers and then working with two teachers of each subject on a 1-on-1 basis to drive home the methods for each subject. These two teachers can further ensure that rest of the teachers also benefit from the training. We understand the needs of the students and appreciate the pressures and compulsions under which individual teachers and a school  operate and still excel. We would be pleased to make changes to the agenda of the training according to the inputs of the school authorities.

The details of the program are as follows :

Session No.

Session Details

Personality Orientation – Session 1 & 2
Duration – 2.5 hrs X 2

This facilitator led interactive session commences with giving
candidates a better understanding of personality and its various
facets that may hold the key to a successful career. It is followed
by Psychometric tests to map a candidates personality as well as
giving them a personal feedback and analysis to understand the
relevant areas .The purpose of the session is to start the thought
process in a candidate towards self-introspection and self-
actualization to give the candidate a greater comfort level towards
their work and life as a whole.
The session helps a candidate to become more aware about his / her
ownself in terms of behavior, strengths and weaknesses. This in turn
translates into leveraging their strengths and working on their
weak areas that may mitigate their success.

Sessions 1, 2 and 3
Duration – 2.5 hrs each
Total 7.5 hrs

This facilitator led interactive session commences with making
candidates aware about parameters important to communication
so that training can be done more effectively and the concepts can
be imparted to students better. Broadly the areas discussed during
the session are:

=> Verbal language

=> Body language / Semantics

=> Semiotics

=> Communication skills-Slangs/Verbal tics/Verbal stresses/Modulation

Goal Orientation


This facilitator led interactive session commences with an advanced
psychometric tool -“Personality Profile Inventory” to help a teacher
by identifying his/her own position, potential and scope of improvement by working upon the four dimensions of personality
which are crucial to success in life :

=> Self Awareness

=> Motivation

=> Proactivity

=> Action Orientation

This session helps a teacher in achieving three goals
=> Immediate goal- Better performance in the class
=> Mediate?goal- Climbing the Promotion Ladder
=> Long term goal- Candidate gets better placed for introspection and
self-actualization. Becomes a true learner who can learn to excel
in different environs of jobs and personal life


Conceptual Session

Duration – 2.5 hrs


According to Daniel Goldman, the management guru- Only 20% success
in career comes from technical skills while 80% success comes from
Emotional Intelligence. This neglected area of our education decides on
our day to day interactions with colleagues, team members, reporting
boss, clients and family members. Communication skills, Empathy,
mobility, flexibility etc are the most important areas of learning for a
a person in his/ her career.


Conceptual Session

Duration – 2.5 hrs


These sessions help the teachers understand Maieutics or the
Socratic Method of Teaching, wherein the teacher can ensure that at
the end of classes, students have at least the same understanding of
concepts, even though they may need memory consolidation by learning
repeatedly and applying that knowledge and understanding to solve
straightforward as well as twisted questions on the taught concepts.
This involves that teachers learn the 360° Method of training to play
a complete role in a student’s progress.


Subject Specific
Teaching Effectiveness

Duration – 2.5 hrs X 3 X 7


These are a set of three sessions each for every subject, wherein a
group of two teachers teach a topic and get feedback on improving it.
These sessions also focus on the challenges faced by the teachers in
class while teaching their specific subject and ways to handle theses

This module consists of three sessions each on the seven subjects: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Studies, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


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