Objective – To train B.Tech and MBA students to excel in Personal Interviews and Group discussions conducted as a tool for the Campus Placement Process.

Student’s Needs-

  1. To have complete awareness of his/her own personality and the personality traits assessed in the Campus Placement Process.
  2. To be appraised about the parameters tested in Personal Interviews and Group discussions in a Campus Placement milieu.
  3. Exposure to various types of Personality tests and their purpose.
  4. Simulated Personal Interviews and Group discussions followed by One-on-One individualized feedback.
  5. Increase in self-awareness vides psychometric tests to mould responses according to the needs of the recruiting corporates.
  6. Training, Preparation, practice and simulated exercises for Personal Interviews and Group discussions in a Campus Placement milieu.

Program plan -

Stage 1-   Program initiates with students being subjected to psychometric tests followed by debriefing to make them more aware about themselves. They are also made aware about various personality parameters that broadly get tested in placement psychometric tests and how they have honestly fared in them without training.

Stage 2-   Students are now made aware about various types and phases of interviews and group discussions. The parameters tested, ways of improving on them and how a student can mould responses to questions asked to suit the requirements of a particular corporate.

Stage 3-   Finally students are subjected to mock interviews and group discussions followed by One-on-One customized feedback and how to improve on their performance. This stage has an extensive practice component.


Cost Analysis of the program -

  1. Subsidized charges, as it is an Institutional product. The subsidization gets compounded with the program being completely in-campus.
  2. Only program available, and customized to the specific needs of the students.
  3. Helps in recruitment as well as getting a better pay package as it helps in portraying a student as emotionally competent as well as fitting the defined profile of the job.
  4. Helps in making more informed career decisions for a better career planning and path.


Strengths of the program -

  1. Backed by extensive R & D.
  2. Tested successfully with students of the best of technology Institutes like IIT-Delhi, NSIT- Delhi, JMI-Delhi etc.
  3. Facilitated by a core group of Faculty who can make learning a fun and interactive experience by using Socratic and behavioral methods.
  4. Program customizes to the needs of a student.
  5. Mock Interviews and feedback by trainers from the corporate world.

Session Details

Personality Initiation Session –                 This facilitator led interactive session commences with giving candidates a better understanding of personality and its various facets that may hold the key to a successful career. It is followed by Psychometric tests to map a candidates personality as well as giving them a personal feedback and analysis to understand the relevant areas .The purpose of the session is to start the thought process in a candidate towards self-introspection and self- actualization to give the candidate a greater comfort level towards assessment tools like GDs, Personal Interviews and life as a whole. The session helps a candidate to become more aware about his own-self in terms of behavior, strengths and weaknesses. This in turn translates into leveraging their strengths and working on their weak areas that may mitigate their success.

Interview  Conceptual Session – This facilitator led interactive session commences with making candidates aware about parameters tested during a Placement interview as well as subsequent interviews a candidate would face in the course of his career. Broadly the areas discussed during the session are:

  1. Why is a Personal Interview the most important recruiting tool
  2. Parameters tested during an interview
  3. Classification of interview types and phases in terms of Stress, Behavioral, Structured, Database, Situational, Case interviews etc.
  4. Toughest questions and how to wriggle out of them
  5. Body language / Semantics
  6. Semiotics
  7. Communication skills – Accent/Slangs/Verbal tics/Verbal stresses
  8. Handling an interview with a HR manager
  9. Handling an interview with a Hiring manager
  10. Moulding an Interview according to the company
  11. Special tips for fresh graduates (Rookies)
  12. Games that interviewers play with you
  13. Long term preparation for interviews
  14. Content generation for interviews
  15. Resources for Long term preparation for interviews
  16. Absolute parameters for selection
  17. Absolute DONTs for selection
  18. How to work on Personal Interview Feedback

Group Discussion Conceptual Sessions 1 & 2 – This facilitator led interactive session commences with shattering a few myths associated with Group Tasks such as GDs. Broad areas taught during the session are:

  1. Common myths associated with GDs
  2. Purpose of GD as an evaluation tool
  3. Types of GDs and their Crucial Success Factors
  4. Role of CONTENT in a GD
  5. Role of PROCESS in a GD
  6. Communication skills needed for a GD
  7. Impression management in a GD
  8. Roles that people play in a GD
  9. Entering into a maelstrom
  10. How to develop content for a GD
  11. How to develop content during a GD
  12. Crucial Success Factors for a GD
  13. Body Semantics relevant for a GD
  14. Interpersonal Skill Component in a GD
  15. Long term preparation for GDs

Goal Orientation Conceptual Session – This facilitator led interactive session commences with an advanced psychometric tool -“Personality Profile Inventory” to help a student by identifying his own position, potential and scope of  improvement by working upon the four dimensions of personality which are crucial to success in life :

  • Self Awareness
  • Motivation
  • Proactivity
  • Action Orientation

This session helps a student in achieving three goals :

  • Immediate goal- Better performance in Placement process
  • Mediate goal- Climbing the Promotion Ladder
  • Long term goal- Candidate gets better placed for introspection and self-actualization. Becomes a true learner who can learn to excel in different environs of jobs and personal life.

Mock G.D. 3 & 4 – This facilitator led interactive session has two mock GDs followed by individual feedback to each candidate so that they can work on their weak areas.

Emotional Intelligence Conceptual Session – According to Daniel Goldman, the management guru- Only 20% success in career comes from technical skills while  80% success comes from Emotional Intelligence. This neglected area of our education decides on our day to day interactions with colleagues, team members, reporting boss, clients and family members. Communication skills, Empathy, mobility, flexibility etc are a few important areas of learning for a fresh graduate entering the corporate world.

Resume building Conceptual Session – A resume is the first interface between a recruiter and a student. A resume has to make you stand out of the crowd of other similarly qualified students. Even in times of standard resume formats that students have to fill at the time of campus placements, students have to point out what they can do for the recruiting corporate rather that what  they have done in life. This session teaches the technical aspects of resume writing and ways to use the resume as an effective tool in their career arsenal.

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