This is a facilitator led classroom program for learning English as Secondary Language. The program targets students who have studied English language in school but struggle in communicating exclusively in English as they do not have the right exposure and practice.

  1. We start with a Diagnostic Test to benchmark a student’s performance and present position. The student receives a detailed analysis of his performance (Test Performance Analysis) to a reading , writing and spoken expression level.
  2. During the second stage, we work on raising a student’s potential by teaching them basic grammar and English usage. This stage comprises a lot of written practice to hone a student.
  3. Now students are given exposure of English language by reading selected books and watching movies.
  4. The last stage focuses on making a student express himself by writing and speaking. This stage comprises of 1 on 1 and group tasks.

Partner with us

For partnering with a Business School or an Engineering College, we will need inputs from you so that we can help you in a more informed and customized manner:

  1. We will talk to and test a small random group of your students to get an idea about the ground situation.
  2. We will want you to list down challenges you have faced in effectively placing your students and what according to the institute can the present student group improve upon.

After receiving the inputs, senior members of our Admissions Team will discuss how we can help you and what programs offered by us can help you.

If you are interested in our programs, please mail us your details at

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